bTstat Driver

bTstat is a driver designed to interact with an HVAC cloud proxy driver (such as bNexia) to send commands to, and receive commands from, an HVAC cloud service. It implements the Control4 ThermostatV2 proxy to present the user with a standard thermostat interface.

A license is not required for the bTstat driver however, an HVAC cloud proxy driver (like bNexia) is required for bTstat to function

v1 – 3/19 (Beta Release)

v2 – 5/19 (Initial Release)

  • Consolidated all Nexia interactions into bNexia – bTstat now only proxy commands and updates via bNexia making bTstats cloud service agnostic
  • Added Auto system mode
  • Added Circulation fan support
  • Added Nexia Presets (None, Home, Away and Sleep)
  • Added Extras

v3 – 6/19

  • Better handle partial updates from cloud service

v4 – 7/19

  • Updated architecture modules
v5 – 10/19
  • Added ability to customize scrolling message banner
  • Implemented workaround for partial extras update issue

v6 – 11/19

  • Added auto-update functionality
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