bTimer Driver

bTimer is a simple driver that can be used to determine the difference, in time, between a Start event and a Stop event. Unlike the default Control4 Timer driver that runs in countdown mode, bTimer captures incremental time. In the simplest use case (and likely the most popular), bTimer is started and when stopped will report the elapsed running time.

This driver is based on the “UI Button” Proxy and does not use C4’s standard interface but instead can use an icon or series of icons on navigators to communicate the driver’s status – in this case, a timer.

$50 USD

Use the bLicense driver to facilitate the purchase, management and installation of license keys for BNet Solutions products.

All BNet Solutions driver are fully functional for a 7-day Trial Period. There are no refunds so please review the documentation for any limitations or known issues and determine acceptance during Trial Period.

v1 – 3/19

  • Beta Release

v2 – 5/19

  • Initial Release
  • Added License functionality and Submit Debug Mode

v3 – 7/19

  • Resolved lost activation status after unclean director shutdown
  • Updated architecture modules

v4 – 11/19

  • Added auto-update functionality
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