bEgaugeMonitor Driver

bEgaugeMonitor is a driver that uses the built-in ‘Usage’ and ‘Generation’ registers of a connected eGauge device to track power consumption and production over a period of time.

The driver uses the UI Proxy to present the totals and net power to the user.

This driver is a known as a “UI Button” driver. This class of drivers does not use C4’s standard template as an interface but instead can use an icon or series of icons to communicate the driver’s status – in this case, kWh usage or generated (or both).

$75 USD

Use the bLicense driver to facilitate the purchase, management and installation of license keys for BNet Solutions products.

All BNet Solutions driver are fully functional for a 7-day Trial Period. There are no refunds so please review the documentation for any limitations or known issues and determine acceptance during Trial Period.

v1 – Beta Release (3/19)

v2 – Initial Release (5/19)

  • Added License functionality and Submit Debug Mode

v3 – 7/19

  • Resolved lost activation status after unclean director shutdown
  • Updated architecture modules

v4 – 11/19

  • Added auto-update functionality
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