Integrate C4 into your integration with bProxy.

As Control4 enthusiasts, it is difficult to believe that Control4 is not the center of all automation processes.  Sometimes C4 only has a small role to play, an event to trigger, or an input to supply.  Sometimes, a C4 driver exists but an external process has no way to talk to it. 

With bProxy, you can:

-Get/Set driver properties

-List/Invoke driver commands

-List/Test driver conditionals

-List/Subscribe to events (system-wide and driver-specific)


Use the bLicense driver to facilitate the purchase, management and installation of license keys for BNet Solutions products.

All BNet Solutions driver are fully functional for a 7-day Trial Period. There are no refunds so please review the documentation for any limitations or known issues and determine acceptance during Trial Period.

v1 – Coming Soon!

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